Landesverband Hessen der Angehörigen psychisch Kranker e.V.

Why do we need the Landesverband?

Developments in psychiatry cannot proceed without or against the affected families. The Hessen Association of Family and Friends was inaugurated with this concept at heart in 1988 in Offenbach. Group dialogues are not sufficient to support family and friends of people with mental illness. They must vocalize their needs to institutionalizations as well as state and federal political representatives. The affected person should be the focus of attention and not the institution - that is the goal of the association.

We work together with professionals in medicine, pharmacy, and sychosocial consulting to represent the interests our association in various organizations such as the psychiatric advisory council in Hessen.

Advice & Support

Consultation from the Association for family and friends of people with mental illness

Free consultation in the German language from the association is done by our deputy board, Mrs. Mayer. You can call her at any time at +49 (0) 69-88 30 04. In case she is not available, please leave your name and number on the answering machine and she will contact you as soon as possible.

For written messages, please use the contact Email formula (link is below).


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Accessible information is provided by the head of association free of cost. Here you can find many links with information in English.

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